2020 Letter Hunt

An alphabetical MiniCOW Cow/Farm/Ranch “letter hunt” Earn points and win prizes by collecting photos of yourself, your Mini/MINI, and “Something to do with Cows, Ranching or Farming items from A-Z! This is similar to the Town Letter hunt we did a few years back, but with a MiniCOW twist.

The idea is that you have to drive your Mini to 26 different places/items all with names beginning with each letter of the alphabet A through Z. So Tractor would be a “T”, while a Barn would be a “B”.


  • Any Official Member of Mini’s of Colorado and Wyoming “MiniCOW” Mini cooper Car Club is welcome.
  • To become a member visit. http://www.minicow.org/contact-us/
  • Only one 2020 letter hunt entry per member.
  • Individuals participate at their own risk. Do not break the law or endanger yourself or others when taking photos.


Images must be clear and names/signs must be legible in submitted images. Images that are blurred, fuzzy, illegible, or unrecognizable will not receive points.


  • Your Mini/MINI must be in each photo.
  • The special MiniCOW Letter Hunt Picture must be clearly identifiable in each photo. Goto http://www.minicow.org/2020-letter-hunt/ to get your official “Letter Hunt” Picture.
  • You, the entrant, with your Mini must be in at least five of the photos.
  • The item or place must be in each photo. Tractor or Barn or whatever your object is for your letter.


  • Points are the same that is used in a classic board game.
    1 point each: A E I O U L N S T R
    2 points each: D G
    3 points each: B C M P
    4 points each: F H V W Y
    5 points each: K
    8 points each: J X
    10 points each: Q Z


  • Submissions will be done via Email to MiniCOWContest@minicow.org at the conclusion of the contest. (Do not send your emails throughout the year, wait till the conclusion of the contest and send all needed pictures/emails at that time) Name each picture with your Name, the Letter and what it is. Example of a Barn “Jim Taylor B Barn.JPG”, or example of a Tractor “Jim Taylor T Tractor.JPG”
  • Submissions will close on Thanksgiving. The reason for this is so prizes can be given out at the MiniCOW Holiday party.
  • Decisions of the judges are final. Prizes to be determined