My MINI Didn’t Take The States

Cure that MINI Take The States FOMO! Welcome to the inaugural My MINI Didn’t Take The States Colorado edition from Loveland to Walden and beyond! MMDTTS will be on Saturday, July 13th, the same day MTTS starts. It is an optionally overnight drive, generally a speed limit drive in the canyon. You are of course free to vroom on ahead of the main group and meet us at the top! 

We will meet at MINI Of Loveland around 9:30am, drivers meeting 9:50, and wheels up shortly after.  We will drive I25 north a couple miles, exit Mountain Vista west and regroup. Then wander through a subdivision to Colorado 1 to 287. Then take 287 to Colorado 14 along La Cache Poudre river over Cameron Pass. There is a pit stop at the top of the pass. This is a great place to turn around if you want a shorter drive. This is a very pretty drive convertibles will enjoy. There is also a tunnel to honk horns together in. We will then traverse plains with mountains in the distance. At approximately 1:30 we will arrive at Walden looking for Moose along the way. We have seen Moose on three different occasions, and it bills itself as Moose capital of Colorado.  There is also a Moose statue for selfies in Walden.

There are several routes to return home, including a northern one through Laramie, and a southern one through Granby and Winter Park.

Fuel: Please start with full tanks. Before the event, there are two gas stations one block east of I25 on Cross Roads, the dealer exit. One is obvious a block down on the north, the other the same on block, but tucked away on the south. Human fuel at Starbucks is another block east on Cross Roads. In Walden there is only one gas station that carries premium gas. 

Lunch: The lunch spot is the River Rock Cafe, a club favorite. It has a rugged rustic feel. Log construction, huge river rock fire place with Copper hood, bar, good food too. I notified them we are coming in hopes we can be seated together, but we might be seated apart. Alternatives are Stockman Bar and Grill, Four Winds Pizza, The Tenth Frame, Taco Joint, Rita’s Cafe, maybe more. An ice cream shop too.

Just like MTTS, there will be event swag!!!

T-shirts/hoodies self ordered in advance. Note red shirt color hides the “Didn’t”:

Stickers self ordered in advance from Artisticreflection, club member/sponsor Kristan Haynes’ store. Cost is $6.50 + shipping. You can include other items at the same time for the same shipping rate:

Lanyards are provided free of charge at the event, first come first served.

Buttons and pins: Please consider bringing a few of your favorite buttons and pins from previous events for the lanyards. You can design custom buttons for .66 each for 30 at  so maybe make a fun one to share! Any other buttons you have (businesses etc) feel free to hand out too!

If your MINI is not available/sold a non-MINI is just fine. We would still love you to join us. Just please stay at the back and no photo bombing 🙂

We will be using walkie talkies that have channels, and sub channels (privacy codes) set to channel 7, code 21. Some radios don’t have sub channels so it is important to check. If you don’t have radios you can just follow everyone else.

To participate in the MMDTTS event, please join MINI of Colorado and Wyoming (MINICOW) club with no membership fees at  From there you can navigate to the club Facebook page to RSVP for the event.  Participants assume all risks and liabilities.

Can’t wait for July!